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May 03 2010

It’s been a bit quiet around the copypastel labs for a couple of months now. We’ve been busy.

Sinatra Error Blues

Apr 22 2010

When working on someone else’s code it is often hard to tell if something you don’t like is bad code, or if it is just a style of thinking you need to get used too. For instance, when updating a model with a restricted parameter (such as id), should it raise an error, or just ignore the parameter? On one hand if you have a new developer he may be confused as hell when he has unexpected bugs because the restricted columns are silently ignoring their parameters. I have even been tripped up a few times myself! An error would be much clearer and give you a path to instantly fix it. On the other hand, if you truly know your tools, then this is expected behavior. It allows you to cut down on error handling and makes the intent of the code much clearer.

QR (de)Coding

Feb 26 2010

If you’ve ever come across our 404 page, you’ve no doubt noticed our QR code meant to help with your feeling of being lost. The code is generated with pure Ruby, with one of the many libraries a quick Google search brings up. However, when it comes to decoding QR codes, the findings are much slimmer.

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